Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free Shipping on Eyewear

We think its so important for everyone to have good eyewear, whether it be for ballistic protection, climate control, or just an active lifestyle, that we've decided to offer free shipping on all of our WileyX and Revision eyewear!

WileyX is a leading provider of protective eyewear and ballistic products for the U.S. military, outdoor sports enthusiasts and the safety and shooting industries, and we offer the full line of WileyX tactical goggles and specs. Some of our favorites include:
The Saber shooters, and the XL-1 Advanced, which convert from sunglass to full-seal goggle, just to name two, but please check out the full selection on our web site.

Revision is the world's leading provider of military eyewear solutions. The Revision Sawfly looks like your basic shooter, but it's tough enough to withstand a shotgun blast at 16':

The Revision Bullet Ant goggle is amazingly comfortable and easy to wear.

Please check out the full line of Revision eyewear in our store.
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