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Operation: Wounded Eagle

Operation: Wounded Eagle
Memorial Day Weekend
2 Day Event - May 29-30, 2010
Jacksonville, FL
$45 Advance Registration / $60 Walk-On Reg

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The Republic of Georgia is completing final steps for joining NATO and the European union amidst ongoing protests and threats from Russia. Construction begins on a US-designed missile-defense grid. Russian military forces build up along the northern border, but Russian threats are dismissed as saber-rattled from Moscow.

The 4th Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne is on a training deployment, working with the Georgian military in a series of exercises in the Caucasus foothills. On the night of May 26th, three Russian mechanized divisions roar across the border, smashing Georgian defenses and driving deep into the heart of the republic. The 101st is bypassed and encircled by the Russian advance, which slows just north of Tblisi. With a healthy respect of US airpower, the Russian divisions are augmented with unusually heavy air defense elements, creating a effective barrier to US overflights of northern Georgia.

As the United States and NATO rush to deploy units to southern Georgia, Russia issues an ultimatum calling for the dismantling of the missile-defense grid, the establishment of a 25-km Russian security zone in northern Georgia and the immediate surrender of the 101st Airborne, which is trapped nearly 60-km behind Russian lines.

Refusing to let 4th Brigade become a hostage, the brigade commander issues a formal communique echoing the famous reply of General McAuliffe 66 years earlier, "NUTS!"

As the Russian noose closes around what World Network News has dubbed, "The Lost Brigade", the 4th BCT consolidates its ammo, readies its gear and prepares for a break-out. With the Russian air defense shield active, the soldiers of the 101st face a 60-km march through enemy held-territory with minimal air support and little hope of resupply and reinforcement.

4th BCT/101st Airborne (Taskforce Xenophon)

Georgian Military

3rd Infantry Brigade



42nd Motor Rifle Division
Woodland MARPAT

19th Motor Rifle Division
Tiger Stripe

22nd Independant Spetsnaz Brigade
Russian Uniforms (any pattern)

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