Sunday, April 11, 2010

Upcoming Sponsored Event: Shattered Union I

We are proud to be sponsoring this MAAPR event in Maryland:

MAAPR presents Operation Shattered Union I

The year is 2026, the federal government of the United States has grown weak, and its influence over the country is nil.....
The states have raised militias, and are battling it out for scarce resources.
Marylanders own the Upper Marlboro Water Treatment Facility -- and therefore all clean drinking water in the DC Metro area....
Virginians want it.... bad...
Miscreants from other states will help whatever side they believe will win...

All hell seems to break loose....

For the first time, MAAPR presents Op Shattered Union I on the former race track located at 6000 SE Crain Highway, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772

When: Saturday and Sunday, 22nd - 23rd May 2010
Where: 6000 SE Crain Highway, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772

This will be a no-break military simulation -- bring your own water and food.

Again: This will be a no-break military simulation operation from 1000 hours on 22 May, to 2330 hours, 22 May -- Food and water is not/not provided. Emergency water is on property via artesian well.

Players may arrive no earlier than 1700 hours on 21 May for RON. (Rest Over Night)

No septic services are available for RVs.

Players can choose to play on ANY of the 3 teams: MARYLAND State, VIRGINIA Commonwealth or the Mercenary Miscreants. However, once you are registered on one team, you will only be changed at the discretion of MAAPR and game officials in the event there is a need to balance troop levels. This is vital to the integrity of the game and is a revised policy as of Friday, April 9th 2010. This really opens up the field to everyone and thier friends and teams in the entire region. Don't miss this opportunity!

Age limits: 15-17 yo's MUST HAVE A PLAYING ADULT SIGN FOR THEM. Unfortunately, the nature of the field is not suited for younger players.

Safety: 15-17: Full Face ANSI rated masks. 18 and above full seal ANSI rated goggles. NO EXCEPTIONS.

FPS limits:

400 fps with .25's for field play
300 fps with .25's for CQB play
500 fps with .25's for Snipers (semi automatic only, minimum engagement distance 100 feet)

No explosives, anything that is hot, or home made mortars, launchers, etc.

Price: $50.00 online registration (website will be up this week), $55.00 at the gate

Folks -- Bottom line, this is a unique event -- first time this field has ever been played, and at a decent price for all to get action time in, after the long harsh winter!


21 May 2010
1800: Chrono

22 May 2010
0700: Registration and Chrono begins
0900: Safety Brief
1000: Op starts
2330: Op ends

Uniform requirements:


Any tan based uniform
3 Color Desert BDU


Any Green based uniform
BDU's (Woodland)
Green based MARPAT

Miscreant: (PA, WV, DE, etc.)

Urban Digital
Any uniform not green or tan based

Tac vests and gear do not count for uniform color. No tennis shoes please.

PLEASE NOTE: Under no condition whatsoever can AirSoft weapons be modified or enhanced to shoot or cycle real bullets like a real weapon. Any information or suggestion to the contrary is FALSE.

This event is a Military Simulation Sport or Game, where proper safety standards and habits are expected and upheld. It is 100% legal, hosted and run SOLELY for entertainment purposes and open to the public to register and particpate in.

This does NOT constitute formal military training or the membership of any militia or military unit. As the website develops, please refer to the 'What is Airsoft?', 'PlayBook' and 'Safety' pages for more information.

THANK YOU - and we look forward to playing with you!

Event Web site:
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